Carlos's musical journey began in Colombia. Being brought up in a very artistic family he learned how to play the guitar at a young age and years later he joined a Classic Rock and Beatles tribute band.  This journey kicked into high gear after he left a career in Business to pursue Music.  While studying Music Composition, Guitar, and Voice performance at a college in Florida, Carlos began performing full-time and started his craft on songwriting.  

Carlos came to Los Angeles in 2009 to take his music career to the next level.  He has performed solo acoustic and as part of the band Freefall Rescue, as well as collaborating with various other artists throughout Southern California.  This journey brought Carlos to the pivotal moment of creating "Reflections of an Orange Tree".  

Carlos teamed up with Los Angeles-based producer Rick Parker, who has worked with acts ranging from Jewel to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  Carlos's vision was multifaceted and eclectic, with acoustic guitar/based folk stylings, full-band rock songs with electric guitar, the use of string-quartets, and more.  Rick immediately knew exactly what Carlos was going for, blending Naranjo’s love of British Pop with his introspective songwriting and a splash of Latin flair to form the recording Carlos has always dreamed of producing. 

"Reflections of an Orange Tree" is a true passion project for Naranjo, with heartfelt expression, brooding, and self-actualization.  Naranjo's style is gentle, flowing and soothing, romantic and melodic, with a light rock backbone.  The songs invoke a feeling of tension between uncertainty and subsequent instances of peace, stability, and joy.  The album progresses like a day-to-day soundtrack of life, with excursions in a wide palette of familiar emotions that float into bittersweet reflection, daydreamy introspection, and joyful realization.

"I see the light of the dying night brighten stars
 the blooming sweetness of morning light on planet Mars
 I hear a soft and rhythmic music roll
 And the sweet romancing of her soul..."
 The Light Of The Dying Night, from
  "Reflections Of An Orange Tree"